Fornalutx is in the middle of the Tramuntana Sierra, which stretches along the north coast of Mallorca with a deep valley running from the Puig Mayor towards Sóller.

The name ‘Fornalutx’ or ‘Fornalucem’ derives from ‘Fornel’, a blacksmith’s forge, with the Mozarabic suffix ‘utx from the Roman ‘uem’.

Fornalutx, or ‘Fornalugi’, as written in ancient documents, dates from the Conquest as a Moorish hamlet, as can be recognised from the layout of its ancient streets.

Historically always linked with the neighbouring town of Sóller, they were one municipality until 1813 and in 1837 Fornalutx was established as independent, with its own Council and Mayor.

Fornalutx puede considerarse como un conjunto de interés indiscutible tanto paisajístico como arquitectónico, así como de su entorno.

Fornalutx is recognised as of outstanding attraction in its buildings and beautiful setting In recent years this has resulted in a considerable increase in foreign residents settling in the village